When it comes to exterior home improvement, there are a lot of questions to ask yourself before
you begin. Getting clear on what you want and what your plan is can save you a lot of frustration
down the road—and lead to a much happier outcome. Here are three big questions to consider
before getting started on your project.

What do you really want?

Think beyond “I want a ten-foot maple pergola” or “I want new windows.” What’s at the heart of
your project? It could be:

  • My family needs a comfortable, beautiful outdoor space where we can hang out with the
    neighbors and spend time together on Sunday afternoons.
  • I want to feel thankful for my home every time I pull into the driveway, but I never want to have to paint it again.
  • My spouse and I want to find creative new ways to cut down on energy consumption at home without sacrificing beauty and functionality.

Knowing the real “why” behind your exterior home improvement projects can help you make
better decisions and ensure you’re getting the outcome you want. If you share your thoughts
with your home improvement team, they might be able to suggest an even better solution that
will meet your needs.

What’s your budget?

This may seem obvious, but trust us: It’s a big one. You need to get crystal clear on how much
you’re looking to spend on your exterior home improvement project. Your budget can drive a lot
of decisions: what materials you choose, how big of a project you can take on at once, or even
whether you should wait until you’ve saved up a little more money before you get started.

A reputable exterior home improvement contractor wants to help you improve your home and
make it beautiful, not plunge you into debt. They’ll help you make a plan that gets you the
outcome you want without going beyond your means.

What’s your timeline?

Some exterior home improvement projects are driven by very specific deadlines:
weatherproofing before the seasons change, plans to list your home for sale, or an upcoming
graduation party for your high school senior. Others are less urgent but no less important.

There are many factors that can impact the timeline of any project: weather, supply chain
issues, labor shortages, high demand for home improvement work in your area, and more. If
you want your project done by a specific date, be sure to communicate that with your exterior
home improvement team as soon as possible so they can plan ahead and do everything they
can to stay on target and prevent delays.

Every home improvement project is different, and the right team will take the time to learn what
makes your home special and help you get the outcome you want. Do a little work upfront and
ask yourself these important questions so your team can stay true to your vision and bring it to
life. When your project is done and you’re kicking back to enjoy the view, you’ll be glad you did!