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Texas Home Improvement knows you’ve been imagining how much better your home could be. We install energy efficient replacement windows, roofing, apply exterior coating products, and construct premium patio covers and pergolas. Our home improvement solutions will have you loving your home again.

Texas Home Improvement is a dependable, quality company that has been providing home improvement services for over 20 years. We understand that your home is an investment and we are here to help protect it!

Texas Home Improvement can help you with any of your remodeling needs and helping give your home an energy upgrade. Whether its roofing and insulation, replacement windows, patio covering or exterior coating, we will provide a solution that fits your needs and budget. Consider this: only having to paint your house once. With TEX•COTE® COOLWALL you can have a paint that lasts long and decreases your energy bill. COOLWALL is 10 times thicker than regular paint and made up of special reflective pigments. When they reflect the light, the pigments lower surface temperatures by as much as 40-degrees Fahrenheit.

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3 ways you’ll benefit from Texas Home Improvement

Actually save money.
Our top-of-the-line, energy efficient replacement windows and doors
keep heating and cooling costs down.

Never repaint again.
Our unique exterior coating products keep your home looking
fresh and new for a lifetime, without the need to reapply.

Add space (and value) to your home.
Our premium patio covers or pergolas can offer enjoyable outdoor living space and increase your home’s overall worth.

Texas Home Improvement is an established company with a history
of dependability. Other companies cannot offer the level of quality and the
unique solutions that we provide. Why wait any longer to make your vision a reality?

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Texas Home Improvement Services

Tired of Letting Money Fly Out Your Windows?

Want to know how much energy you’re losing and what your options are? Our experts will inspect your windows and let you know.

Our windows and patio doors have industry-leading energy performance ratings and a lifetime warranty. We provide quality installation and have financing options. Get a free estimate from our pros so you can stop those exterior windows from wreaking havoc on your energy bills.

The Secret to Never Repainting: Our Coolwall Exterior Coating

Can you imagine never having to paint again? We turn that dream into reality with our Coolwall Exterior Coating solution. Coolwall’s lifetime coating keeps your exterior looking fresh and new, and truly protects your exterior from the elements. Standard painting does not last, and other products simply cannot compete.

We’ll inspect your exterior for free and make recommendations for your home’s long-term exterior paint protection.

Patio Covers Add Space and Value

We’ll help you figure out the best options for your expanded living space, whether it’s building a patio cover or pergola. Our outdoor living space solutions are custom built for your needs. We’ll even provide a drawing that details all required site work. Our work comes with a lifetime warranty. Contact us today and enjoy your new outdoor space tomorrow.

We only work with the BEST.

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Check out our work!

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Hiring a remodeling company is a big decision. We want to make sure we are the best home improvement choice for your project.

Contact us today. We are here to help bring your dreams to reality.
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Austin, TX – 737-346-0030

Home improvement facts you may not be aware of...

44% of annual energy use in a home comes from heating and cooling costs alone, and 21% of air leaks in a home are from the windows and doors. Time to get properly sealed, energy efficient windows and doors?

The cost to paint just a single story three bedroom home can run as high as $5,000, and is usually repeated every 4-5 years. Unless you have Coolwall Exterior Coating, of course.

Homes with an outdoor patio cover and pergola typically sell faster, and for more money, than other comparable homes without this type of addition.

Questions? Just ask. We are here to help!