Home Improvement Reviews

November 16th, 2018 by Texas Home Improvement

Whether you are in search of roofing, replacement windows, patios or exterior paint or coating, Texas Home Improvement takes great care in providing an excellent value and quality work. As a result, here are a few recent Texas Home Improvement reviews from replacement windows, patio and exterior coating customers. These are the most recent unedited […]

There are many things to consider when going through a replacement window upgrade. The main things you should consider when embarking on this adventure are the size, shape, and energy efficiency rating of any windows you’re considering. However, there are quite a few other, lesser-known factors that you might want to take into account before […]

There are a number of reasons to replace your current windows: a desire for more sunlight, a better view, or upgrading the look of your home. Whatever the reason, you have a choice to make. Should you use energy efficient windows or the lower-cost alternative. Before going further, let’s look at what makes a window […]

As the kids start heading back to school, it’s a good reminder to do a checkup on your home efficiency. Home energy audits or assessments are a good step to assess how much energy your home consumes and to evaluate what you can do to make your home more energy efficient. An assessment can also […]

DIY home improvement and house flipping have become incredibly idealized processes thanks to all the reality TV shows dedicated to it. When it comes to you and your home, however, a home improvement to-do list can get overwhelming incredibly fast. For anyone in Texas in the Dallas and Austin areas, please take this as a […]