Replacement windows and using COOLWALL® exterior coating are a fantastic combination to cut costs on your energy bill. Replacement Windows If you’re looking to improve your home or revamp it for resale you should consider replacing your windows. Fresh and clear windows express comfort and efficiency for your home which increases its resale value. Replacing […]

When you’re looking at getting a new roof installed, what should you expect during the process? If you’ve had your roof for over ten years, chances are you’ve experienced at least some hail damage and or normal wear that may warrant an inspection. Asphalt shingle is a common roofing material, but residential roofs are also […]

For years now there has been talk of energy efficient windows and when replacement is necessary. Theoretically they help save money, but how do they actually do it and is the cost of installing them worth it? What type of technology is added to a normal glass window to make it “energy efficient” and how […]

We’ve escaped the past few summers with fewer 100 degree days than most years. However, a typical summer in Texas can mean turning into a piece of toast as soon as you walk out the door. The effect of the sun on our bodies is obvious and well advertised by doctors and through sunscreen commercials. […]

We’ve all seen it. The classic movie scene where the star sits out on the deck and drinks a cool glass of lemonade in the shade of the house as he ponders life. It speaks of a lifestyle that has plenty of time for rest from the chaos of the 9-5 world and time to […]