home with coolwall exterior coating

Here’s a comparison of exterior paint versus Coolwall Exterior Coating. Listen to what a home improvement contractor had to say about Coolwall Exterior Coating.

I was happy with the work effort and the quality of the craftsmanship and I would use them again.

I called Texas Home Improvement because of the Coolwall system and the warranty on the paint. There’s not another company that offers that type of product. I painted my house about ten years ago and it was needing a new paint job. I was wanting a paint job that I didn’t have to mess with for the rest of my life. The point was to avoid the painting and get the other benefits from the Coolwall system.

I’m a home improvement contractor and I chose Texas Home Improvement for this job on my house. My house was built in 1914 and it’s one of the oldest one in the neighborhood. This is North Highmount in Fort Worth, TX. There’s special care that you have to take; you have wood replacement and prep work that’s a little more extensive than on a newer home, so it’s not just an easy job.

They gave me their assurance and stood behind that – that they would prepare it right and execute the job professionally. I was happy and pleased with Texas Home Improvement.

We escaped the Summer of 2017 with fewer 100 degree days than most years. However, as the heat started up in May, how are we protecting our homes and the exterior coating from being damaged by the harsh elements?

Protecting Your Exterior Coating

The sun can take a huge toll on a house and its exterior paint. It heats up any room it shines on and wears down the paint and exterior coating. It can shrivel up any plants that are in its direct path and more. What if there was a way to help your house minimize the time it spends with the air conditioning on? What if there was a way you could help your house fight the sun that didn’t depend solely on the thermostat?

One thing you can do is get the right exterior coating versus traditional exterior paint for your house. Don’t simply paint your house, look into products like Tex-Cote or hire a company that does. These products were created to withstand continued sunlight and to keep the interior of your house cooler by reflecting the sun instead of soaking it up. Buying any old paint from a store will spruce up the color of your house for a moment but buying a specialized paint can help protect the outside of your house from fading or deterioration and keep it at a cooler temperature.