There are a number of reasons to replace your current windows: a desire for more sunlight, a better view, or upgrading the look of your home. Whatever the reason, you have a choice to make. Should you use energy efficient windows or the lower-cost alternative. Before going further, let’s look at what makes a window efficient. Depending on the outside temperature, you’re either gaining or losing heat through your windows. A well-insulated window will minimize the heat gain or loss. Windows that provide ample levels of insulation are considered energy efficient. When you consider the average replacement price per window is $300 to $700 per window[1]. It seems like a no-brainer that getting the less expensive window is the way to go. However, before deciding less is better, you should think about the benefits of high-quality, energy efficient windows. You just may find that investing in energy efficient windows may actually save you money in the long-run. Below are four benefits of installing energy efficient windows:

Cooler Summers and Warmer Winters

Energy efficient windows make sure the heat or chill on the outside stays there instead of seeping into your home. “Hot” and “cold” spots in your home are eliminated, and a barrier is formed to ensure the temperature in your home stays where you desire it to be.

Lower Energy Costs 

While it’s true that energy efficient windows cost more than non-energy efficient windows on the front end, you wind up paying the difference-plus due to a higher energy bill. And, more money spent towards your energy bill means less money available for life’s other necessities, like groceries, extracurricular activities for children, clothing, and saving up for that bucket list trip.

Tax Deductions 

When you upgrade you home with windows that meet the IRS’s designation of “qualified energy efficiency improvements,” you can claim a tax credit for 10% of the cost of the improvements, and 100% of the residential energy property costs.[2] In addition, your city may offer a tax credit for upgrading to energy efficient windows in your home.[3] For more details, be speak with your CPA or tax preparer.

Reduced Fading 

Have you ever seen a dashboard in a car that began to fade over time due to exposure to the sun? The same can happen to carpets, furniture, artwork, paints, and wood. Energy efficient windows block more of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Which means, the expensive items you deem precious are preserved from fading and degradation.

Replacement Windows by Texas Home Improvement 

Our replacement windows have an industry-leading energy performance rating. Want to know how much energy you’re losing and what your options are? Our experts will inspect your windows and let you know. Our windows and patio doors not only have industry-leading energy performance rating. And, a lifetime warranty is included. We provide quality installation and have financing options. Get a free estimate from our pros so you can stop those windows from wreaking havoc on your energy bills. Texas Home Improvement adds Anlin Windows Systems to its energy saving replacement windows roster. Anlin’s Del Mar luxury series vinyl energy efficient windows are designed for homeowners who demand the best from manufacturing to installation. From energy savings, to good looks, to security, to durability, Del Mar windows offer it all. Call Texas Home Improvement for all of your energy saving windows needs or other home improvement projects.

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