We’ve all seen it. The classic movie scene where the star sits out on the deck and drinks a cool glass of lemonade in the shade of the house as he ponders life. It speaks of a lifestyle that has plenty of time for rest from the chaos of the 9-5 world and time to think distanced from the constant buzz of phones and computers.

People often believe they have to run to the mountains or the beach to escape all the things that constantly demand their attention; that a flight out of town is the answer to relaxation and peace. But it can take just as much effort and stress to plan a day away from all the chaos of everyday life as it would to stay home and face it all again.

So why not invite the escape into your home by creating a space to mentally getaway?

Home is the best place to get away to. It has all your favorite snacks, TV channels, and you’re already paying for the wi-fi and the space. So, why run off to pay for another space somewhere else? Your family is right beside you. If anyone gets sick it won’t ruin the day, and you don’t have to leave your favorite pair of comfy PJs behind because you’re worried about your luggage being too heavy.

It doesn’t take much to recreate the space you already have into a permanent, private getaway. A place where you can spend some time in solitude or invite your dearest friends over for a night of laughter and old stories. Remember when you were a child and you used to spend hours running about in the backyard on that large green lawn? Maybe your parents had a flourishing garden or fragrant flowerbeds. Walk outside to your backyard tonight and remember the last time you spent extended time out there; why has it been so long?

You don’t have to tear your house down to make it more inviting; instead, try using what’s there and adding on. The backyard is probably one of the most underutilized spaces of a home. Reclaim it by adding a patio cover or a pergola to bring the space to life.

On hot days, it will shade you from the piercing sun. On colder days, you can curl up under it with blankets and hot chocolate. It doesn’t require ripping down walls, turning off your water, or living with a constant layer of dust on everything like a typical renovation project can. It’s more efficient than redoing your entire house. Also, it provides more function and value to a space that, while beautiful, can often only be just that. It’s a space that can be as fluid as your lifestyle. You can put a long oak table out underneath it and string lights around it for the perfectly simple but beautiful outdoor entertaining area. You can put a couch and an electric fire pit for class and comfort or a countertop and grill for the ultimate Barbeque space. The most important thing is that you can make it completely your own.

Patio Cover Protection

A patio and a covering give you space to protect outdoor furniture from the grueling Texas weather but the ability to enjoy the peace this small glimpse of nature brings to your daily life. It gives you the opportunity to remember that you have a beautiful green lawn and enjoy it instead of staring at it longingly out your window wondering when you’ll finally have time to relax. Take your space and create the environment you want, you can turn your house into an escape. It doesn’t mean you can’t go on vacations or traverse the world, it’ll just remind you that you can find respite right out your back door.