Make the most of fall and winter by using this time to dream big and make a plan for your home remodeling ideas next year.

Cold weather may not be ideal for home remodels, but it’s perfect for finding inspiration. So if you’re aiming for a refresh in 2022, now’s the time to start making a plan. We’re sharing our top tips for making the most of the cozy season so you can begin your remodel with confidence.

Things to remember when you’re looking for inspiration

It’s fun to let your imagination run wild! But there are a few parameters to keep in mind when you’re collecting inspiration:

  • Your budget. If you know you don’t want to pay for terrazzo floors, don’t spend all your time Googling them. Look for ideas that fit your budget.
  • Form and function. Keep in mind the daily reality of your remodel vision, and make sure it’s realistic for your lifestyle. For example, if you never work from home, a home office probably isn’t the best use for that extra bedroom. On the other hand, if you love spending time outdoors, a pergola might be an excellent investment.
  • Your essential needs. Don’t get caught up looking at marble bathrooms if what you need most is a new roof.
  • Resale value. You won’t recoup every dollar you spend on a remodel. But if the return on investment is important to you, do some research to see which upgrades make a difference.

Where to find inspiration for your home remodeling ideas

The beauty of the Information Age is the abundance of inspiration. It’s never been easier to find ideas for your home remodel. Here are some good places to look:

  • Magazines. Get a cup of coffee and a stack of magazines and enjoy a leisurely flip-through. Dog-ear the page if you see a space you like—or just rip it out and keep a pile of favorites. An added benefit to magazines: It’s usually pretty easy to find exactly where to buy a specific item you like.
  • Television. Obviously, HGTV is a great place to start, but don’t discount your favorite shows and movies. American filmmaker Nancy Meyers has a reputation for putting beautiful homes in her films. You might find plenty of inspiration just while watching Netflix.
  • Other’s homes. Let your eyes wander at your next dinner party or holiday gathering. We all have that one family member with a crazy house, but you might see something you like. Don’t be afraid to ask about it, either. People love to talk about their spaces, and you might learn something that helps you make a decision.
  • Pinterest. It’s not just for millennials. Pinterest is a great way to save images you find on the internet and keep them organized. Lots of people save their inspiration collections too. Peruse their findings and save what you like.

Of course, it’s also easy to get overwhelmed with ideas. Take a break if you’re feeling swamped by too much information. You can always get back to it later.

How to balance inspiration with practical home remodeling truths

Eventually, you’ll need to start sorting through your home remodeling ideas so you can make decisions. This part of the process can be equal parts overwhelming and fun. If you’re feeling a little analysis paralysis, here are a few things to try:

  • Ask your friends and family for feedback. Show them what you’re considering and see what they think. They may notice something you missed and can help you eliminate a few options.
  • Consider the larger vision. You might love a particular design element or statement art piece. But if it clashes with the rest of your house, consider saying goodbye. Be sure to make decisions that serve a grander purpose.
  • Be wary of trends. TikTok has the power to convince everyone they need a tiled table or a wavy mirror right this minute. But you probably want something that will look beautiful for a long time. So if you love a trend, embrace it, but if you suspect you’ll lose interest fast, don’t do it.

You have a few months to enjoy the research and inspiration stage. Embrace this step in the remodeling process. Once it’s time to break ground, you’ll know exactly what you want so that you can create the home of your dreams.