The HOVER app creates a 3D model of your home so you can visualize your home remodeling decisions before making a choice.

At Texas Home Improvement, we understand home renovation decisions can be overwhelming. There are a lot of factors to consider. Making decisions without a clear mental picture can feel like a gamble, which is why we’re proud to offer the HOVER app to our home renovation customers.

The HOVER app takes away a lot of the guesswork thanks to unique visual tools and virtual measurements.

Get a 3D model of your home without expensive CAD software or photography.

Home renovation shows always use 3D models to show you their plans for a renovation. Unfortunately, while the model’s value is clear, getting your own can seem impossible—unless you’re ready to pay top dollar.

Architects can make a 3D rendering from your home’s blueprints, but it can be expensive and time-consuming. The luxury of a 3D model seemed out of reach for many homeowners—until the HOVER app.

The HOVER app makes 3D renderings accessible for everyday homeowners. All you need is a smartphone and a few minutes outside. The HOVER app needs just eight photos of your home’s exterior to build a realistic rendering.

The app will guide you through the process and show you the exact angles it needs. After a quick walk around the house and a few taps, it takes 48 hours to generate your model.

Accurate measurements provide accurate price estimates—and better budget management.

No one wants to name a price based on an eyeball estimate. But sadly, this happens all the time. It’s challenging to accurately measure the size of the roof or how much siding you have. Inaccuracy can lead to quoting errors and big surprises when you get the final bill. Making decisions based on a ballpark guess can tank your budget or sideline your project.

The HOVER app captures accurate measurements of your home’s dimensions, which means a smoother and more reliable quoting process. And with the HOVER app, your contractor doesn’t have to guess. Instead, they can calculate the material and labor costs based on actual numbers rather than assumptions.

As a result, you can minimize your anxiety about the price tag, stay true to your budget and reduce waste.

See all your options and make more confident decisions.

Not everyone can visualize their home in a new color or a different material for the roof. It can be intimidating to make such a large-scale decision when you’re unsure how it will look.

The HOVER app digitally alters the appearance of your home, from exterior colors to siding to roofing materials. You can even play with different options for windows.

You’ll see a photorealistic rendering of all your choices before making any big decisions. This clarity on each option makes it much easier to make confident decisions.

Quickly share data with anyone who needs it.

The HOVER app connects everyone who has a vested interest in details about your home. That includes your contractor, your insurance company, and you.

You won’t be scrambling for blueprints or long-lost forms or attaching 50 JPEGs to an email. Instead, you can send photos and dimensions to everyone who needs them, along with your 3D rendering.

Texas Home Improvement is passionate about helping our customers feel good about their home remodeling decisions. That’s why we use the HOVER app to streamline every project.