We’ve escaped the past few summers with fewer 100 degree days than most years. However, a typical summer in Texas can mean turning into a piece of toast as soon as you walk out the door. The effect of the sun on our bodies is obvious and well advertised by doctors and through sunscreen commercials. But, what about the places where we seek refuge from the heat? How are we protecting our homes and the exterior coating from being damaged by the same harsh elements, heat and cold?

Protecting Your Home With Exterior Coating

The sun can take a huge toll on a home and its exterior coating. It heats up any room it shines on and wears down the exterior coating. It can shrivel up any plants that are in its direct path and more. Although these things might not seem like a big deal, the extra costs continued sunlight exposure can have on your budget can add up. Think about every time you turn down the thermostat during the summer in an attempt to beat the heat. Or, every minute the air conditioning has to stay on. What if there was a way to help your house minimize the time it spends with the air conditioning on? What if there was a way you could help your house fight the sun. And, it didn’t depend solely on the thermostat?

One thing you can do is get the right exterior coating for your house. Don’t simply paint your house. Use products like Tex-Cote or hire a company that does. These products were created to withstand continued sunlight and to keep the interior of your house cooler by reflecting the sun instead of soaking it up. Buying any old paint from a store will spruce up the color of your house for a moment but buying a specialized paint can help protect the outside of your house from fading or deterioration and keep it at a cooler temperature.

Increasing Your Energy Efficiency

Another thing to consider is replacing your windows with energy efficient ones. Cold air from your air conditioner in the summer or hot air from your heater in the winter can easily be sucked up by the opposing temperatures banging on the outside of your windows. Energy efficient windows are designed to help sustain internal temperatures instead of losing it to the outside by letting in external temperatures.

Last, especially if you have west or south facing windows or glass doors that open up to your backyard, consider getting some sort of patio covering. Getting a patio cover will not only provide shade over part of your backyard and make it more appealing to use in weather extremes but it will also keep whatever side of your house it’s located on shaded while still allowing you to enjoy the view of your backyard. This way you don’t have to shut off your view to your backyard by keeping the curtains or blinds closed all day. Instead, you get an addition that will enhance the beauty of your house and provide a two-for-one deal on extra shade and less direct sun.

Texas Heat Doesn’t Have To Rule Your Thermostat

All of these things can provide you with some extra ways to fight against the damage of the sun while still enjoying the natural light and other benefits it brings to your home. There are many options for saving money. And, although higher quality and more efficient items may cost more at first, they often pay for themselves by what they end up saving in energy bills. If you’re already looking at doing some touch ups around the house consider adding these to your list. If you were already planning on adding exterior coating or replacement windows, take some extra time to make sure you’re getting a product that will provide you with benefits outside of aesthetic appeal. Your house will thank you.