When the sun’s out, it’s tempting to head outside for fun or entertainment at home. It can quickly become too hot, however, in the middle of the summer. Have you thought about expanding your living space to get ready for the summer months? Energy savings and escaping the Texas heat come to mind. Work to create a place you can spend time outside and still keep cool.

Why Create an Outdoor Living Space?

An outdoor living space gives you more room to relax and enjoy the summer. It opens up more possibilities for outdoor furniture. It can enable you to cook full meals outside for your family and friends. In addition, it can provide a larger play area for your kids. When you add a pergola or patio cover to your patio, you’re expanding the areas where you can be when you’re outside but want to stay in the shade. You’ll be able to enjoy spending more time outside without worrying about being in the sun as much or getting too hot.

How to Create an Outdoor Living Space

You may already have a patio you enjoy using. Consider expanding it to create a bigger space for hanging out or entertaining. When you expand the patio, you can add in an outdoor kitchen, more room for tables and chairs, and more room for other activities on the patio. Start by thinking of how you want to use the patio and what you might like if you had more room. Then, work on figuring out how much space you need and how you want the patio to look.

Covering Your Patio to Beat the Heat

Regardless of how large your patio is, a patio that isn’t covered is going to be hot. The wood used for the patio will be hot to walk on. There won’t be any shade to escape from the sun’s rays, and any patio furniture will be simply too hot to sit on. Instead, consider covering your patio with a patio cover or pergola. This allows you to extend your living space by making sure the area is cooler and ready to use whenever you want to be outside. Your patio or pergola will help with your energy savings. It will help keep the heat from exterior windows and ensure you have cooler places to sit.

Exterior Paint to Keep Your Home and Patio Cool

Exterior paint can make a difference in how much you’re able to use your outdoor living space. If you’re planning on painting the patio or patio cover, consider an exterior paint designed to keep the space cool like Coolwall exterior coating. This can be used on any surface to keep your home cooler throughout the summer.

If you’re ready to start entertaining or just enjoying your own backyard more, consider expanding your outdoor living space. Consider making your patio bigger, adding a cover, or using specially-formulated exterior paint to keep the space cool. When your space is cool and comfortable, you’ll be able to spend more time outside. Who said you can’t enjoy the outdoors during the Texas heat?