When it comes to outdoor space, there are many options to choose from. Pergolas and patio covers are especially popular here in Texas. But have you considered a screen room?

A screen room is, to be frank, exactly what it sounds like. It’s a fully furnished room, with a roof and a floor, with screens on all sides. It’s usually accessible via two doors: one leading into the house, and one leading into the backyard.

Today, we’re talking about why screen room additions are so great, so you can decide if you’d like to add one to your home.

Enjoy the best of both worlds.

Screen rooms combine the best things about a patio cover and a regular, indoor space. You can enjoy fresh air, warm temperatures, and a refreshing breeze while relaxing in a screen room. But you’re protected from bugs, debris, and the glare of the sun’s rays. It’s the beauty of the outdoors, with less interference from the harshness of the elements.

Cut down on maintenance 

The sun, the rain, and other elements can take a toll on your outdoor furniture. Fabrics and pillows fade, decorative items get knocked over, and wet upholstery takes forever to dry. Plus, you’re constantly brushing off leaves, dust, and debris blown in by the wind.

A screen room can save you from all these frustrations. While screen rooms are not impervious to the elements, they do offer a lot of protection. Your screen room’s decorations and furniture will likely last much longer as a result. And you spend less time cleaning up after Mother Nature’s whims.

Enjoy the privacy

When it comes to optics, screen rooms are a little funny. It’s very easy to see out of them, but seeing into a screen room is difficult—especially during the day. This means one thing for you: Privacy. 

If you want to enjoy your morning coffee and a nice breeze in your favorite robe, you can. If you want to kick back with a book in your rattiest weekend duds, you can. Your neighbors won’t be able to see much, so you can relax and enjoy the view—without being the view.

Better entertaining 

Just like a porch or a pergola, a screened in room is a wonderful place for entertaining guests. You can use your screen room as the central location for intimate gatherings or spillover space for larger events. And there’s no need to worry about leaves falling into your friends’ drinks.

Boost your home’s resale value.

Investing in outdoor living spaces increases your property value, almost without exception. Beautiful outdoor spaces rank high on the wish list for people looking to buy a house. This is especially true in the age of COVID-19, when people are looking for new ways to enjoy their own homes. When you add a screen room, you can usually expect to recoup 70% to 80% of your investment when you sell your house.

Light up your life

Like patio covers, screen rooms are pretty much always an extension of your home. As a result, adding electricity to that space is fairly easy. 

This can translate to some beautiful decor. You might consider a chandelier or twinkle lights. You can combat hot days with an overhead fan. And if you’re really feeling fancy, you can add a flat-screen TV for open-air movie nights. 

Because everything is protected by a roof and screens, the risk of outdoor damage is pretty low.

If you’re curious about a screen room, talk to the team at Texas Home Improvement. We can help you decide if you want one, or whether you’d like a patio cover or pergola instead. Our goal is to get you the outdoor space of your dreams. So let’s make it happen >