sunroom cathedral roof

DIY home improvement and house flipping have become incredibly idealized processes thanks to all the reality TV shows dedicated to it. When it comes to you and your home, however, a home improvement to-do list can get overwhelming incredibly fast. For anyone in Texas in the Dallas and Austin areas, please take this as a gentle reminder that you are not alone.

After being in the business of helping people fall back in love with their homes for over 20 years, Texas Home Improvement has learned a few things about home improvement they’d like to share with you.

  1. Do research on what you want but don’t let it overwhelm or prevent you from starting your project. Take replacing your windows, for example; it seems like it could be a pretty straightforward project, you pick a window you like and then out with the old in with the new. But you could spend hours searching online for the best deal and researching new window technology and never make a decision. Don’t get lost in the Internet abyss. For a window project we’d recommend starting with Anlin, and we have recommendations for all your other projects too.
  2. Don’t be afraid to make a big change and see it through. Committing to a room renovation or the addition of a patio room or sunroom generally means you’ll be starting from scratch at some point. Let yourself enjoy that moment and know that it doesn’t come around often. After adding one sunroom you probably won’t need to add another unless you move. So save up for it and then make it the way you’ve always dreamed it could be. Don’t commit to the change and then, halfway in, let fear prevent you from creating your vision or else you could end up with a reno you hate.
  3. Start with maintenance and work your way up to big projects. When working by yourself or with a contractor, it’s ok not to go straight into a full room renovation, roof replacement or complete window replacement. It’s ok to start small. One simple project with big results is applying an exterior coating to your house. By using revolutionary Tex-Cote Coolwall coating you can get a big reward for little inconvenience and reap the long-term rewards of reduced fading and upkeep maintenance, energy bill savings, and a long-lasting, beautiful exterior. Hear what a Fort Worth contractor had to say about Coolwall.
  4. Sometimes all you need is an upkeep inspection to point you in the right direction. Not sure what to do first? Pull a contractor in to look at your roof, your interior and exterior walls and windows, and all the big and small things in-between. Consultations and inspections exist to help point homeowners north again after getting mixed up in the many different home improvement directions you could go. Asking for an expert’s eye on where to start can provide the clarity you’ll need to start moving forward.

Finding the latest and greatest home improvement technology is Texas Home Improvement’s specialty. Don’t get overwhelmed by all that’s out there and embark on this journey alone. Our Texas Home Improvement family is here to help you and your family get what need to fully utilize the comfort of your house and make it feel like home. Contact us if you have any projects you want to work on or if you just need a little guidance; we’re always here to help.