There are many upsides to investing in quality vinyl windows, from easier daily upkeep to more significant long-term returns.

If you’re thinking about replacing your windows, you may be considering several different options. Style, color, and special features will all factor into your final decision.

One choice to make, among many, is material. Wood and metal windows have been the old standbys for many years. But vinyl windows started to become popular in the 1990s and are being used in more and more homes.

There are many excellent reasons to choose vinyl windows. Here are six specific benefits to consider.

Lower your energy costs with vinyl windows.

Energy efficiency is perhaps the primary draw of vinyl windows. Thanks to material choices and specialty design, vinyl windows keep extreme temperatures out of your house. In the summer, the heat stays outside. In the winter, the heat stays inside. Your climate control system isn’t doing constant battle against outside temperatures. And your wallet isn’t straining to keep up. So if you want to save money and do something about your carbon footprint, consider vinyl windows. It’s an eco-friendly choice that doesn’t require you to pony up for an electric car.

Quality Vinyl windows can boost your home’s resale value.

Energy-efficient windows are an increasingly popular choice among home builders and buyers. Choosing vinyl windows—and their many benefits—can make your home more attractive to potential buyers. In addition, you can expect to recoup around 67% of the cost, which is slightly more than the ROI on wood windows.

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No need for fancy cleaning products.

Low-maintenance housekeepers, rejoice: It doesn’t get easier than vinyl windows—no need to buy specialty cleaners or hire a professional. Instead, good old soap and water are all you need to clean up your vinyl windows. This makes upkeep much easier, which can prolong the life of your windows.

Quality Vinyl windows are tough.

Vinyl windows are much more durable than other materials and can stand up well against the elements. Unlike wood or metal, vinyl doesn’t corrode or rust, and is less prone to fading over time. Plus, vinyl is less likely to show scratches. If you have kids, cats, or other adorable yet destructive forces in your home, vinyl is a very durable option.

Choose from a variety of options.

Vinyl windows are extremely customizable. You can pick from a broad spectrum of colors or get a custom shade made to match your home. You’re not hemmed in by a limited number of sizes or styles, either. You can customize virtually everything about your vinyl windows to suit your exact aesthetic.

Cut down on ambient noise.

Vinyl windows aren’t totally soundproof, but vinyl is a great insulator compared to other materials. Choosing vinyl windows can lead to a peaceful home by blocking out a little more of the hustle and bustle outside. This is great if you live in a busy area or have a little one who needs to sleep. Regardless of circumstance, a little extra serenity is never a bad thing.

If you’re whether it’s time to replace your windows, take a look at our quick guide. We’ll walk you through everything to consider when deciding when to take the plunge. If you have more questions, talk to one of our experts. We’ll tell you everything you need to know.