Spring is just around the corner, which means now is an excellent time to consider a window replacement project.

Spring is the seasonal sweet spot for making the process a little smoother if you think it may be time for replacement windows. 

Late spring and early summer are ideal times to upgrade to energy-saving windows.

Warm weather makes the window replacement process a little smoother.

For starters, the weather is relatively predictable. The heavy rains of early spring are behind you, and snow is a distant memory. Predictable weather means fewer delays so that you can enjoy your new windows right on schedule. 

And it’s worth noting that no precipitation means no mud. Your contractor won’t track as much mess inside if the ground is dry.

Stable weather makes the window installation process more comfortable—a lot of airflow in and out of your house during the window installation process. If the outdoor air is pleasant, you’ll hardly notice. Plus, you’re not paying extra to combat freezing winter air.

Some of the materials used in the window installation process perform better in certain ambient temperature ranges. However, if the caulk is applied in the dead of winter by an inexperienced team, it may not cure correctly. 

Shoddy work can lead to cracking, splitting, and other issues that compromise the seal of your windows. The blazing heat of high summer isn’t great for caulk either. But late spring and early summer temperatures are ideal for a smooth and long-lasting application.

Lower your summer heating bill by replacing your windows.

You might decide to install replacement windows for many reasons—knowing summer is right around the corner may be one of the best reasons. Texas summers can be intense, and staying cool is a top priority. Energy-efficient windows are much better than traditional windows at keeping the heat out and minimizing air leakage. 

Take a moment to stand or sit next to an existing window. You’ll know that hot or cold air is escaping through the cracks if you can feel a draft. Don’t waste money heating or cooling the outdoors!

A superior seal can make a big difference in your home’s energy efficiency. For example, if you get new windows now, you could see a drop in your summertime energy bill. 

And you get to enjoy the savings year-round.

Cabin fever? Springtime window replacement is just what the doctor ordered.

The happiness boost of having new windows in your home is worth noting. After being cooped up all winter, you’re probably desperate for fresh air. It’ll be much easier to get it with new windows that open and close more efficiently than your old creaky ones. 

Replacing your windows when the weather’s pleasant means you can take advantage of their easy operation right away. Otherwise, you might have to wait a few more cold months before letting in all that fresh air.

A great contractor can ensure top-notch window replacement in any season.

Experienced window companies can work around heat, freezing temperatures, and other winter weather factors. Sure, there are a few perks of a springtime installation. But if a different season works better for your family, talk to your contractor. 

Replacement windows can increase your home’s curb appeal and resale value. So it’s never a bad idea to schedule a swap.

One final tip about a springtime window installation: Book early! Between spring cleaning and considering the perks we shared here, many people are thinking about window replacements. So start calling contractors now and get on their schedule as soon as possible.