Long-term home investments – unlike most long-term stock investments – can have an immediate positive impact on quality of living.

But, In both the stock market and the real estate market, you must strike a balance between short-term and long-term investments. There’s no crime in fixing this little thing and painting that small surface, but you don’t want to overlook the big picture. A few significant upgrades make a difference in your comfort, the look of your home, and your future resale value.

Replace your roof.

Here’s a real estate secret: Because the home buying process is so expensive already, most of them are incredibly reluctant to spend money on a new roof right away. An old roof is enough to deter people from buying a house that they might otherwise deem perfect. In other words, a new roof will give you a significant edge when it comes time to sell.

You’ll make some of that money back, too. Depending on what type of shingles you use, you can expect to recoup 50-70% of what you spend when you sell your house.

Planning to stay put for a while? There are still plenty of reasons to upgrade your roof. Old roofs are hot spots for mold and mildew, affecting the air quality and the smell of your home. This problem gets worse if your roof is leaky. Leaks can do some damage to your ceilings, walls, floors, and even furniture if you ignore them for too long. Lastly, a good roof is going to protect you and your family better. Texas got smacked with a truly unprecedented snowstorm in 2021. It was a rare occurrence, but you want your home to be ready for it if it happens again.

Invest in new windows.

The most obvious reason to replace your windows is purely aesthetic. Old, crumbling windows with outdated trims are an eyesore. Swapping them out for new ones will add an instant boost to the look of your home and put a smile on your face. But there are many other good reasons.

New windows can make your home more energy-efficient. Thanks to highly engineered seals and special coatings, these windows don’t leak all the air you’re paying to heat and cool. This means a lower utility bill for you and less precious energy spent on maintaining a steady temperature. Plus your family will be more comfortable.

And, of course, new windows will drive up your home’s resale value. So you can expect to recoup at least 70% of what you spent.

Give your home a fresh look with exterior coatings.

We’ve talked before about the importance of curb appeal when it comes to selling your home, and you can’t ignore the impact of a fresh paint job. But paint isn’t your only option.

Professional exterior coating is more resistant to fade and fatigue, so it looks fresh and bright for much longer. And because it lasts longer than traditional paint, you don’t have to think about a touch-up for a long time. It also has the benefit of military-grade heat deflection technology, so it keeps your house cooler by bouncing the sun’s rays away. Enhancements like this are a great selling point for future buyers who feel strongly about environmentally friendly solutions and a lower utility bill.

Long-term home investments should strike a balance between upgrades with universal appeal and upgrades that only matter to you. If you want a whirlpool bathtub, by all means, get one, but be realistic about whether or not you’ll see any return on investment (ROI). Always keep in mind the changes that will make a meaningful difference in your home’s value, and think big picture.