Take advantage of the cold-weather lull by tackling a few creative winter home improvement jobs around your home.

With the magic of the holidays behind us, many are feeling a little glum about the cold months ahead. It can feel like the only cure for cabin fever is a plane ticket somewhere warm and tropical. Thankfully, there are many ways to make your own home feel a little cozier as you brave this chilly season.

Paint a room—even if it’s a small one.

Bring some color and novelty to your home with a fresh coat of paint. Save yourself from overwhelm and disruption by choosing a low-traffic space, like a guest bathroom or your laundry room.

Here’s the fun part: When painting a smaller room, you can take a risk with a bold, unexpected color. For example, a purple hall closet is sure to brighten the darkest winter days. Here’s another idea: Paint your kid’s room. Your child will probably be thrilled with a crazy color.

Thanks to the miracle of low-VOC paint, you don’t need to open every window in the house for ventilation. Instead, just run a fan and steer clear for a day or two, and you’ll be fine.

Replace your faucets and taps.

Faucets and taps are so commonplace that we often forget to upgrade them. Swap out your battered hardware for something new and enjoy an extra shine in the kitchen and bathroom.

Have fun shopping around for useful features, like a pull-out sprayer or touch activation. You might even buy a new showerhead and make all those hot showers a little more luxurious.

Paint your garage floor.

It sounds boring, but a new garage floor can boost your home’s resale value. And with less dust and grass blowing around, winter’s a good time to do it.

Park the car outside for a day or two, bundle up, and get to work. Be sure to do a little research and find an epoxy designed especially for garage floors. And read the instructions very carefully. Your space will look much spiffier without all those grease stains and tread marks.

Seal up cracks around the house.

Put some hot chocolate in a to-go mug, bundle up, and take a walk around your house after dark. Look for light leaking through cracks around windows and doors. Those are the areas you’ll want to seal up. As a result, you’ll stay warmer and more comfortable, and your utility bill will be lower.

Replace windows and doors.

In some states, like Minnesota or North Dakota, you’d never dream of replacing your windows in the winter. It’s just too cold. But in Texas, where winter is much milder, it’s an option.

A good contractor will work on just one window at a time, so your family doesn’t have to freeze. Plus, those new windows will insulate your house better year-round. You’ll save a lot of money on heating and cooling in the long run.

Start saving up for your warm-weather home renovations.

Some renovations are simply better suited to spring, summer, and fall. But in the meantime, tackle a small winter home improvement or two, but also take advantage of this lull to sock money away for your next big project.

You might even make saving money a game with your family. Enjoy the freedom to dream big. Once the weather warms up, you can get started.

If you’re thinking about an upgrade this spring or summer, get in touch with the team at Texas Home Improvement. We can get your project scheduled so you can start counting down the days.