Let’s talk about ways to reduce your electricity bill during the blazing Texas summers.

While there are many great things about living in The Lone Star state, the summer heat is no joke.

And with record-breaking temperatures in recent years, it’s tough to find a balance between keeping cool and keeping your electricity bill manageable.

Today, we’re sharing some top strategies for saving energy during the summer heat. From small daily habits to meaningful home upgrades, here are a few ideas for you to try.


Don’t turn on the stove.

These first two ideas may seem inconsequential, but it’s a game of inches each day that add up to monthly savings.

Burners and ovens kick out a ton of heat, which puts your overworked AC into overdrive and makes for a sweaty experience cooking dinner. Instead, opt for salads and sandwiches, or fire up the grill outside.

Get creative: Try grilling pizza or fresh fruit kebabs. Air fryers and Instapots offer a cooler option too. For a real treat that’ll help you keep cool, we recommend a DIY sundae bar.


Wash with cold water and hang-dry your laundry outside

Heating up water accounts for nearly 90% of your washing machine’s electricity use. Choosing to wash in cold water instead can make a dramatic difference in your energy bill. And while clothes dryers are a modern miracle of convenience, they run hot and are actually harder on clothing than using clothesline.

If you have the space for a clothesline in your backyard, try hanging some of your laundry outside to dry instead. It’s free, it won’t turn your laundry room into a sauna, and you just can’t beat that fresh-air, clean-laundry smell.


Invest in Del Mar windows to reduce your electricity bill

Windows play a major role in maintaining the temperature of your home, and not all windows are created equal. A leaky window lets the Texas heat in and the air conditioning out, making it much harder to keep your home cool without breaking the bank.

Energy efficient windows from Del Mar use special coatings, sophisticated thermal barriers, and other insulation technology to seal in the cool air and deflect heat away.

This puts much less strain on your AC and saves you from the mental anguish of paying for conditioned air that just goes, quite literally, out the window.

Additionally, Del Mar windows are sleek, elegant, and attractive, so you don’t have to sacrifice looks for energy savings.


Make the switch from traditional house paint to COOLWALL® Exterior Coating

This is the biggest cost item on our list, but it also offers the biggest bang for the buck.

Your house can absorb up to 90% of the sun’s radiant heat. On a hot Texas day, that can be uncomfortable at best, dangerous at worst, and always expensive from an air conditioning perspective.

Thankfully, there’s a way to bring that number way down. TEX-COTE® COOLWALL® exterior coatings use military-grade technology to deflect that heat before it has a chance to penetrate your home. As a result, your energy bill is lower and your entire family is more comfortable.

TEX-COTE® COOLWALL® exterior coatings are available in any color and slow to fade, so you still get that “freshly painted” look. Bonus: COOLWALL® exterior coatings last much longer than traditional paint, so you can save time, money, and hassle in the long run.

There are a lot of creative ways to endure the heat of a Texas summer without drowning in electrical bills. If you’re ready to upgrade your home and experience more comfort year-round, the experts at Texas Home Improvement can help you choose the right solutions for your needs.