With some planning and careful reflection, you can avoid regret and love your remodel for years to come.

The internet is full of stories about people who regret their remodeling choices from the past few years. A significant contributor is that the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed the way we spend time in our homes. However, there are a number of common renovation mistakes people make that leave them wishing they’d done something different.

If you’re thinking about a remodel, consider these tips to ensure that you’ll love the final result:

Don’t default to the cheapest remodeling contractors you can find.

It’s tempting to go for the most affordable option—but there might be a reason for the price. Maybe they’re inexperienced, or they use cheap materials. Or perhaps they’re just not very good at what they do.

Of course, the cheap contractor may end up being the best choice. But don’t make that decision before doing your research. Instead, read their testimonials and ask for photos of their recent projects. And get a few quotes from other contractors, so you have grounds for comparison.

In a similar vein, don’t assume DIY is the cheapest option for your home remodel either. It’s only a money-saving choice if you know you can do it well. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying to get it fixed anyway. So be honest with yourself about what you can realistically do on your own.

Be a little generous with your home renovation budget.

Choosing cheap every time can be a recipe for home renovation regret. But if you go too low on your budget, you may not have a choice. So don’t build your budget around the lowest prices in your area. Instead, leave some wiggle room so you can invest in the right contractors, not the cheapest ones. Be mindful of balance, though: You don’t want to go broke!

Plan your home renovation around your family’s needs—now and in the future.

The planning stage of a home renovation project is a good time for a family heart-to-heart. You can make better long-term remodeling decisions when you’re clear on where you’re headed as a family.

For example, if it’s just you and your partner, you might not need a big mudroom for now. But if you’re planning for children, there are a lot of shoes, jackets, and sports bags in your future. So build the big closet now, so it’s ready for all those little boots and soccer cleats when the time comes. Otherwise, you might have to renovate again—with kids underfoot this time.

Think about seasonal changes in your area.

If you’re renovating in late summer, you may have forgotten what winter is like. But it’s essential to plan a renovation that suits your climate. Think about where you’ll keep boots and jackets in the winter or tennis rackets in the summer. Create an airy sunroom that can be sealed and enjoyed in chilly weather. Be realistic about how you use your space year-round and plan accordingly.

This applies to outdoor spaces as well. For example, a pergola or patio cover is an excellent investment in a warm state like Texas. But if it snows six months out of the year, you might wish you’d spent that money elsewhere.

Be cautious about trendy home renovation and design choices.

Unless you’re planning to renovate every year, don’t go for all the latest fads. This is especially true for long-lasting decisions. For example, you can cover up a regrettable paint job in a day, but replacing tile or woodwork is expensive. It’s also worth noting that opting for trendy over classic can affect the resale value of your house. For example, future buyers may be more likely to bite if you go for white subway tile instead of something pink.

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