Five ways to think about the ideal location for your new pergola.

A pergola can be a fantastic addition to your home. Pergolas are aesthetically pleasing and incredibly practical all in one. But there’s one big question: Where should you put it?

Sometimes, a small yard or a specific obstacle may limit your choices. But the possibilities can be overwhelming if you have a big yard and many options. Plus, you may be feeling the pressure to get it exactly right.

Ultimately, the ideal placement of a pergola is a personal decision. But here are five location ideas to consider that may nudge you in the right direction.

The sunniest part of your yard.

A pergola’s primary function is to provide shade. So it stands to reason that you might make your pergola placement decision based on the sun’s rays.

Is there a section of your yard or patio you never use because it’s simply too hot and sunny? Ask yourself whether you’d spend more time there if shade were an option. If the answer is yes, consider putting your pergola there.

Be sure to watch the sun’s movement closely for a few days before committing. It would be a shame to discover that the coverage isn’t what you thought it would be.

Near a water or fire feature.

A pool, jacuzzi, fireplace, or wood-fired oven may be the crown jewel of your backyard. You can increase your enjoyment of these luxuries by placing a pergola right next to them.

Imagine hopping out of your pool and directly into a shaded area full of comfortable lounge chairs. Think about sharing a delicious meal, fresh off the grill, with friends under the beautiful canopy of a pergola. You can capitalize on the pleasures of these unique features by pairing them with a pergola.

Somewhere with privacy.

No one likes prying eyes at home. A pergola is an attractive way to gain a little privacy without putting up a fence. To create a visual barrier, you can add plants, flowering vines, curtains, and lattice walls.

It’s a great way to create a sense of seclusion while still allowing the outdoors to be part of your home.

In a prime dinner party location.

Everyone uses their pergola a little differently. If yours is your go-to spot for family meals and lively dinner parties, that may affect where you put it. Carrying heavy platters and hot dishes across a big yard can be risky and stressful. The cleanup haul can be a chore. The mad dash indoors can feel like a marathon if you get hit with bad weather!

If you’re dreaming of al fresco dining, consider putting your pergola closer to the house. You might even add a stone path directly to the kitchen door so no one will trip on yard debris. This will make hosting much easier.

Wherever the best view is

Deciding on the best backyard pergola location may be very simple if you’re fortunate enough to have a stunning vista in your own backyard. A sparkling lake, a sweeping valley, a towering mountain range? It would be a real shame to put your pergola somewhere that keeps you from enjoying that view.

And… it’s possible to put your pergola where it will have the best views AND still have easy access for guests or family members. All you have to do is build an elevated platform for it.

Take a lawn chair outside and test out a few spots to see where the best view is. Once you’ve found the best seat in the house, you can plan construction around it. 

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