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After years of sunlight, rain, wind, and more, the exterior paint will start to fade. It can start to chip as well or become stained. At this point, a new coat of paint can help freshen up the look of the home, boosting the curb appeal significantly. If you need to paint the outside of your home, you have a lot to think about before getting started. Should you hire a painter? What paint to choose, and even what colors to pick out?

Exterior Paint – DIY or Hire a Painter?

The age-old question for most homeowners is going to be whether they should do it on their own or if hiring a professional is the best option. Of course, there are pros and cons for both. But, most homeowners will decide they should have one of the local exterior painting companies handle the job.

DIY painting isn’t as easy as it looks and may not lead to professional results. A early question to ask, ‘Do you have prior experience painting?’. You may not be able to get all of the corners as nicely as expected. And, you should consider the expense for general supplies like rollers or brushes. Plus, there’s the issue of safety. You may need a ladder to paint the higher parts of your home.

A professional already has the tools and experience to do an amazing job. While it might seem like the more expensive option. There’s no worry about having to run out and buy more paint, having to purchase rollers or brushes, or having to buy a ladder tall enough to reach the upper parts of your home. Professionals are also insured and trained in safely using ladders, so there isn’t as much of a risk for injuries. However, an important question to ask, ‘Is your company insured?’. If an accident were to happen, is their an insurance company to cover damage or injury? If not, you might get a visit from an attorney.

What to Look for in a Painter

Homeowners should look for experience. Reading reviews and checking out prior paint jobs done by the professional can give you a better idea of what to expect. It’s important to check licenses and insurance before hiring any painter to reduce your own liability. All of this can help ensure you find a quality painter that can not only do the job but will do the job well.

Interior Versus Exterior Paint

When it comes to the paint, homeowners have plenty of options to choose from before they even start thinking about the color. Interior paints should be avoided, though they may be less expensive. They are mainly designed for aesthetics, so they won’t hold up to the sun and rain as the exterior paint will. The right exterior paint will look great for years and can help protect the house itself from the elements. The extra spent to purchase high-quality exterior paint will end up being worth it in the long run.

What to Look for in Exterior Paint

All exterior paint isn’t created equally. Some paints have extra ingredients that are designed to protect the home better and ensure it will look good for as long as possible. Homeowners in Texas, for instance, may want to look for an exterior paint that’s heat-reflective. This not only protects the home from the damage and fading caused by the sun’s rays but can keep the interior cooler as well. The paint will shield the home from the sun, reflecting the rays, so they don’t cause the inside of the home to heat up during the summer. An example is COOLWALL heat reflective paint.

Choosing the Right Colors

After a homeowner has decided who will handle the painting and the type of paint, it’s time to choose the colors. Typically, the trim will be in a different color from the rest of the home to ensure it stands out. The doors may be done the same color as the trim or in a third color. Homeowners have the option to choose any colors they prefer, but if they aren’t sure what will look good on their home, professionals can often help them narrow down the options. Once the right colors are picked out, the painting can begin.

If your home is starting to look older because of peeling or fading paint outside, it may be time to start thinking about having it painted. The exterior painting companies offer the expert help needed to restore the look of your home and can get the job done quickly. Use the information here to start thinking about what you want for the home, then contact a pro to get started.