Why the Holidays are a Great Time for Home Improvement Projects?

Three reasons you should consider scheduling that big project for the most wonderful time of the year.

The idea of taking on yet another project during the holiday season can seem a little nutty. After all, there are parties to plan, trees to trim, cookies to ice, and gifts to buy and wrap. The thought of trying to schedule a window or roof replacement during that time may seem downright laughable.

But don’t write off the idea just yet. The holidays can actually be a great time to get some work done on the house! It takes a little planning, of course, but if you can swing it, the payoff can be significant. Here’s why:

You’re home.

Some home improvement projects can be done while you’re out of the house. But for others, you need to be at home. In fact, it’s not unusual for people to take a day or two off work when there’s an extensive project going on. Your contractor may need you to answer questions, direct movement, and wrangle pets and children while they work. 

Most of us take a few days off during the holidays to spend time with family and simply relax at home. So why not take advantage of the time? If you’re going to be home anyway, it may make sense.

What if you could squeeze in that window replacement between Thanksgiving and Christmas? 

Sure, there will be a little construction noise to deal with, or a little breeze if you’re getting your windows replaced. But since you’re mostly just hanging out, it’s less of a disruption when your contractor needs you for a moment. And best of all, you can save your precious vacation days for other things, like a family vacation.

Retailers offer great deals on home improvement materials during the holidays.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a single industry that doesn’t run some kind of promotion during the holidays. Car dealerships, clothing stores, and other retailers are looking to clean house and make way for new inventory.

This extends to construction and home improvement as well. Many manufacturers and hardware stores offer fantastic deals that can translate to major savings on your project. Fifteen percent off a single window is a few bucks back in your pocket. But when you’re buying replacement windows for the whole house, you can save hundreds.

Ask your contractor whether they think they can get you a good deal on materials for a project. If so, it might be wise to go ahead and schedule it for the holidays. The money you save can go toward gifts—or a big trip next year.

The holidays are a slow season for professional contractors.

For reasons mentioned above, many people avoid home improvement projects during the holidays. This means a lot of contractors are just twiddling their thumbs until January rolls around. But these folks have to pay the bills too.

Some contractors will offer a great discount for work scheduled during the holiday season, when they’re less busy. Compounded with the savings on discounted materials, this can result in a much cheaper project.

One final benefit to note: If you’re thinking about a home improvement project in Texas, you’ve got an advantage. Snow and sleet may make it impossible for our friends up north to get their roofs replaced during the holidays. But here in the Lone Star State, big projects are possible pretty much all year round

So if you’re thinking about a new roof, windows, exterior coating, or a pergola, give us a call. 

The team at Texas Home Improvements is dedicated to finding you the best deal, no matter the season. Plus, we know every trick in the book for minimizing disruption to your family during a big project. So you can kick back and relax, enjoying the holidays and the satisfaction of checking that big project off your list.