Are you considering repainting your home? Ever considered heat reflective paint? Go beyond having the perfect color … save money on your energy bill, too! Texas Home Improvement utilizes TEX•COTE® COOLWALL® exterior coating systems. This is the same heat reflective technology used by the military to reduce the “heat signature” (the solar heat absorbed by […]

When searching for replacement window companies, there are several important factors to consider. In a home with outdated replacement windows, is it a wise idea to have them inspected now. While replacing all of the windows on a home does sound like a big job, there are plenty of benefits. New windows like those made […]

Energy efficient homes have several things in common: energy efficient windows, roofing and paint. Roofing contractors can keep a lid on your home by holding in the cool air in the summer and heat in the winter. Replacement windows and using COOLWALL® exterior coating are a fantastic combination to cut costs on your energy bill. […]

When the sun’s out, it’s tempting to head outside for fun or entertainment at home. It can quickly become too hot, however, in the middle of the summer. Have you thought about expanding your living space to get ready for the summer months? Energy savings and escaping the Texas heat come to mind. Work to […]

Replacement windows may look pretty similar to ones from the past, but new technology has significantly improved the way they look and how they work. Today’s windows include new technology designed to help them be stronger and far more energy efficient. The Anlin Del Mar replacement windows are designed to make your home more energy efficient, […]